Inspired Awards’ New Categories Announced!

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The Inspired Team have been busy editing and improving our award categories, and we’re eager for you to see! We now have 8 exciting categories that celebrate retailers who challenge the status quo for the good of the consumer. Whether it’s providing an exceptional shopping experience or creating an interesting window display, the Inspired Awards stand for the new, diverse and constantly evolving benchmarks that consumers have come to expect.

There are many people out there who claim the High Street is in decline. But for us, it's a place so deeply ingrained in our hearts and minds, we don't think we could live without it. And there's a huge collective of people out there who believe the same thing. These people — retailers, their staff, and their customers — are all investing their valuable time, energy and passion to re-energise and innovate the bricks-and-mortar they love. They're striving to create excellent and memorable experiences in a variety of disciplines. 

Our new categories are… 

Seamless Online to Offline Experience

This award is designed to reward brands who effectively, creatively and seamlessly integrate their store into the digital world (and vice versa). Successful brands will be able to demonstrate consumer and staff interest, as well as show the positive impact their efforts have had, in-store and online.

Best Use of In-store Tech

Technology has become a huge part of the retail industry, from online shopping to graphic displays, consumers have come to expect technology to be involved while they shop. The Best Use of In-store Technology Awards praises those who are transforming tomorrow’s shopping experience to include spectacular tech visuals — whether that’s AR, VR, AI or any other form of interesting technology.

Best Shopping Destination

Retail experiences are multi-faceted. It's not just about price or position; it's about helping to create an emotional reaction that inspires visitors to become customers. With this award we really want to reward the councils, BIDs, shopping centres and high streets that put time and energy into creating an excellent shopping experience for their customers.

Most Innovative Retail Concept

The consumer mindset is one that can get bored pretty easily, so brands and businesses need to innovate constantly. So, when something fresh and different hits the High Street, it’s hard not to get excited. This Award goes to the brave pioneers who have been pushing the boundaries of bricks and mortar retails with their ideas and actions.

The Outstanding Contribution to Retail Award

High Street retail is a team sport. But every store out there has someone who goes the extra mile. Someone who's always enthusiastic. Someone who'd do anything to make a customer's day. For these people, we've created The Outstanding Contribution to Retail Award. After all, there's no better way to say thank you than by offering them the recognition they deserve.

Customer Service Award

Every store is built on how good their customer service is — from the greeting, to product knowledge and purchase, consumers want to be looked after. We want to celebrate the staff and shops that go the extra mile to treat their customers to the best shopping experience possible with in their store.

Best Chain Window Display

The Best Chain Window Display Award celebrates the creativity and unity that can only exist when a brand exists in multiple locations. We're looking for Window Displays that are compelling, innovative and expressive, and will take particular shine to efforts that consistently showcase your brand's personality as the seasons change.

Best Independent Window Display

The Best Independent Window Display Award celebrates the unique form of originality and individuality that comes with being an independent or boutique brand. Being an independent business means creating a striking first impression which make people stop, engage and then enter the store.

So, did you read that and think that your store could take home an award? Enter your store for  free  into one (or more) of our 8 award categories and join us in celebrating retailers, shopping, brands and the shopping destinations we love. Make sure you give us creative and exceptional reasons as to why your store should win the category, feel free to attach images to support your entry. If your store makes the shortlist, we'll get in touch to let you know!

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