Are you getting the most out of Social Media?

For good or for bad, the use of social media has become part of our daily routines (unless you’re the minority that prefers face to face interaction…) however, for retail businesses, social media is mandatory.

One exciting category within the Inspired Awards is for the ‘Best Use of Social Media’, which celebrates companies that have a strong social presence whilst also positively engaging in activity with their customers online. Social media is not just a like here and a retweet there, it has become an art to successfully have your brand recognised online and tailored across the many available platforms.

We’d like to share some tips and advice on how to best use social media not only for you to be in with a chance of winning an Inspired Award, but to grow your business and bring customers into stores!  

Multi-platform Social Media Platforms

The highest rated retail businesses have a minimum of 2 channels for their social media activity. This doesn’t necessarily mean signing up to every platform, but know your audience, research their most used platforms, and create a social media strategy that represents your business.


Customers are familiar with the name above your store, so make sure you stay consistent with your social media’s style and personality to allow your company to be easily recognised. Stick with colour themes, a main logo, and/or a brand slogan such as Tesco’s ‘Every Little Helps’. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow you to upload a cover photo at the top of your page as well as a profile picture. This can draw in customers with two opportunities of imagery, so ensure that they are different! 

Image: jisp's Facebook page

Image: jisp's Facebook page

Have Fun with it!

Social Media is important for businesses and therefore you want it to be as successful as possible, but if it wasn’t an enjoyable and entertaining source of media then why do we use it so excessively? You want to:

·         Be creative with your #hashtags

·         Attempt to generate a trending campaign

·         Use humour in captions and short funny videos that will instantly be shared

·         Encourage your customers to visit your store by offering in-store vouchers and  promotions

Make sure to use social media for your business’ advantage because after all, it is the way of the modern world.

If you read this thinking, “Yes, our social media presence would definitely beat all others!” then please enter here. 

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