Is your Window Display Turning Heads or Blending in?

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Okay, so the image might be a little extreme, but you can see where I’m going with this. Visual merchandising is a powerful weapon within the retail industry. Window displays can have the ability to lure shoppers into stores and buy products that might not have been on their ‘quick dash to the High Street’ agenda. These displays can often become boring and repetitive, but every so often there is that one pearl of a display that brings you to a stop, causing a traffic jam of shoppers. Inspired Awards believe that these works of art deserve recognition and have created 2 categories just for your window displays:

  • Best Chain Window Display

  • Best Independent Window Display

Depending on the type of store, your window will vary, however there’s no disputing an attractive display. We welcome all stores to put their best display forward, whether it’s the unity of creativity that is shaped when a brand exists in multiple locations, or unique form of individuality that comes with being an independent or boutique brand.

We’ve put together a few words of advice for what makes a great window display, but of course we want to see your personality shine through! Be compelling, innovative and expressive in your work and you’ll have customers queuing at the door.

Plan your display

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so why rush an important tool like visual merchandising? Take time with preparing, share your ideas and encourage constructive feedback, make mock-up plans before you go live and test any risky ideas. Rushing your displays will not allow you to highlight your best products in an original style, resulting in a poorly designed display and little interest from customers wanting to enter your store.


As seasons change and holidays approach, retailers will constantly be changing displays to meet customers’ needs. This often leads to predictable window displays and replicas all down the High Street… don’t fall into this trap!

Start to tell a story with your displays, being creative and inventive with themes and colours, “Instead of ‘Christmas’, think ‘Nutcracker’. Instead of ‘Halloween’, think ‘Sleepy Hollow’” (Humayun Khan, Shopify). Just think of how many window displays will be presenting a beach theme for Summer… Can you create something unique that will entice customers?

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Don’t clutter

Cluttered window.jpg

It can be tempting to parade every product from your new range within one display, but less is more. If you overfill the window there will be too much for the eye to take in, meaning shoppers will move on quickly. As mentioned, focus on a theme or colour and run with that. If you find yourself cluttering, try to use different levels of height to display your products such as, platforms, shelves or hanging from wire. Once your display seduces shoppers into your store, then you can always use other means of visual merchandising to exhibit more products.

Customers get bored easily, so don’t forget to change your displays monthly (or when appropriate) and you’ll keep those shoppers interested! If you think your store windows are worthy of an award, then why not enter here?

Fran Page