Nominate Your Favourite Store

Want to earn big prizes for giving kudos?


Its as easy as #highstreetheroes.

Remember that shop with the cool window display? What about that boutique that gave you the best service you've ever had? Anything that's left you feeling good, inspired, happy, engaged or interested deserves credit. And now, you can give that to them by nominating them for an Inspired Award. Any shop. Anywhere. Any reason. Just let us know why they're awesome, and we'll make sure they're rewarded.

Once you've referred someone to us, you're done! If your store ends up getting short-listed for an award, we'll get in touch to arrange a £10 gift voucher. If they go on to win their category, your prize will be even bigger! (Plus it's a great way to say thank you!)

Once a store's been nominated, we'll get in touch with them to let them know. Apart filling in this this short form, there's nothing else you need to do.

If you'd rather submit on Instagram or Twitter, simply post using #highstreetheroes and we'll do the rest.


It's easy to nominate someone


Post about your chosen store using #highstreetheroes


Tweet about your chosen store with #highstreetheroes


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